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  • We use Nikon professional equipment.

    Does equipment make a difference? We think it does and that is why we only use Nikon cameras, lenses and flash guns. In dark conditions, such as indoor evening showjumping, the light levels are so low that most cameras could not get a sharp photo. However with Nikon we find we can.
    We won't give a full list of equipment here as it bores most people, but suffice to say we have enough to cover most types of event. Our gear is regulary serviced and maintained by Nikon using the Nikon Professional Service programme.
    To protect our investment our gear is stored/transported in Peli and Lowepro cases/bags and we use a mixture of Sandisk and Lexar compact flash cards.
    If we need to support the camera/lens then we have tripods by Benbo and monopods by Gitzo.

    We also have a photographic quality 9" x 6" on-site printer that we can use for any event.

The Nikon gear we use.

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